D.C. // Day 3

After the festivities from the previous night, most families would take a relaxing day and prep to fly home. Yeah, my family doesn't do that sort of thing. My mom and I were up at 7:30 am to hop in line for tickets to go to the top of the Washington Monument. We decided to let my sister sleep in a bit (she's not the best morning person). We'd read online that you had to get in line for same day tickets pretty early, some people had been there since 6:30 am! We got our tickets and headed up the hill to the obelisk.

This was hands down the most efficient tourist attraction I have ever been to. And that is a bold statement, but in all honesty, the U.S. National Park Service has their act together. They chatted and answered questions while we waited in line and then shuttled us to the top right on time.

The iconic monument is a staggering 555 ft. tall and is at the center of the National Mall. On a clear day, you can see all of the Washington D.C. Metro Area.


Unbelievable views!

Since we were in the area, and had quite some time before our afternoon flight, we descended upon a few museums and landmarks we had not yet saw. At the top of my list was the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.


It was a moving and thought provoking museum. I highly recommend stopping by for a few hours to really absorb the magnitude of the Holocaust and to appreciate life itself.

Still having some time left in the day, we made the executive decision to check out the Lincoln Memorial. As we started to walk over, we realized it would take much longer than anticipated, so we tracked down a nice rickshaw man and rode over, maneuvering thought the traffic and pedestrians.

As we sauntered over to the Lincoln Memorial and took some quick snap shots then hopped right back into the rickshaw bicycle. He delivered us to the White House and we said goodbye to Washington D.C.

We checked out of our beautiful hotel, jumped into our taxi heading to Ronald Regan National Airport and traveled back to reality.