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A few months ago, I stumbled upon Aran Goyoaga's @cannellevanille on instagram and followed ...that was one of the best decisions I've ever made. Aran shares stories through food photography and even has a cookbook called Small Plates and Sweet Treats, full of gorgeous, healthy meals. I discovered that she lives in Seattle and I reached out to her. Fast forward to today, and I had the opportunity to help with one of her workshops!

Early morning Seattle fog while walking to the studio....


Aran has the dreamiest studio ever. There is a plethora of colorful ceramics from Anthropologie and antique stores.

This is exactly what I want my kitchen to look like.

Some of the food prep for the workshop.

Aran spoke candidly about how she approaches her photography, takes the photos, and what equipment she uses.


For lunch we had a roasted carrot salad and the best cauliflower soup in the world.

While she was talking and giving her presentation, I snuck a few photos...but how could you not?


There was some break time where the students got to try their hand at plating then photographing. I even attempted a few, adding some linens and changing the settings.

For the final demonstration, Aran brought out some citrus and created a spontaneous photoshoot. 


I wasn't expecting to learn and have so much fun! One of the key takeaways for me was to have an end goal in mind, but the process to get there is dynamic and improvised. Another was that "the imperfections highlight the perfections" and this could be applied not only to photography but life.

Aran is an incredible individual who I am very grateful to for giving me the opportunity to volunteer for her and witness the creative process.

Check out Aran's amazing work: 

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