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Museums with Maddie // 2

Museums with Maddie // 2

Maddie and I were back  at the museums a few weeks ago for another adventure. For Maddie's Natives of the Northwest Art History class, she had to attend a cultural dance at the Seattle Art Museum and invited me to tag along.


I honestly had no idea what to expect, but I was very excited.


The lights dimmed in the SAM theater and chants began. The Git Hayetsk Dancers, People of the Copper Shield, hail from Vancouver B.C. and travel around the world  sharing their culture with traditional songs and dance passed down through generations.


The authentic costumes and masks were handcrafted by some of the members and just beautiful.


Definitely check out more info about them at their website: http://www.githayetsk.com


I thoroughly enjoyed the performance, especially since the dancers were so excited to share their ancestry and roots with the audience, to teach us about their culture through these important stories.


After the fun performance, we decided to venture down the street to Pike and walk around the market on the beautiful Saturday afternoon.


Since Maddie and I are macaron lovers, we had to stop off at Le Panier and gets some. It was really hard not buy anything else...


But I froze up when I was ordering and eventually bought four (Caramel, Raspberry, Chocolate, and Vanilla).


We strolled through the market while we ate our macarons, and admired the produce.


The daffodils were even starting to bloom!


Blogger in action.


Also if you want to see what Maddie is up to check out her blog: http://thismadders.blogspot.com

Cherry Blossoms // UW Quad

Cherry Blossoms // UW Quad

Big Four Ice Caves & Lake 22

Big Four Ice Caves & Lake 22