I was feeling really lazy the other day...I had no food in my refrigerator and the weather was pretty nasty out (it was weird rain for Seattle, okay). With all of this in mind I decided to try Munchery.


I stumbled upon this app one day and have kept it bookmarked for a while. Basically, Munchery aims to help make dinner easy, affordable, and healthy! Meals are by chefs in the local area and delivered right to you at home or work!

I started to scroll through the options and it became evident that this was not going to be an easy decision.


I settled upon the pan-seared salmon fillet with fingerling potatoes and steamed veggies, placed my order and waited for delivery.


It was like opening a present on Christmas morning (okay, I was really hungry).


I can appreciate the design and packaging, A for the aesthetic.


Another really rad thing about the meals is that you can pop them in the oven or microwave for a few minutes and then have a fresh entree. Just be sure to remove the plastic! That would be bad...


How good does this food look?!


Violà! The finished meal, drizzled in capers, dill, and olive oil. I just added a dash of salt and pepper and indulged.


Look at me being all adult (sort of).


A little lemon squirt and this dinner was just as good as going out except I got to watch a movie wrapped up in a blanket on my couch...all cozy and stuff. Definitely a great service I'll use again!