Making Our Way Downtown

Last week, Gina (my sister) took a trip to Seattle. After a spotty meet-up at Westlake Station, we finally found each other in Macy's and spent the afternoon exploring downtown.

She was famished from traveling, so we searched for grub since everything in life is better with some food. We settled on Homegrown for some sandwiches because Gina has been wanting to go here for a while. I ordered the Avocado, Egg + Cheese breakfast sandwich which had a hint of spicy hot sauce and Gina the Ham + Beecher's, a Seattle classic. Absolutely delicious!

Here's Gina griping about me staging a food photo.

Wandering the city some more, we ended up at Pike Place Market. Last time we came here, it was before Pike had set up, now it was Pike after hours. Still, there were hoards of tourists clamoring over the fish mongers throwing seafood and grabbing samples from the fruit stands (with us included).

As we strolled around, I convinced Gina that we needed to get some Ellenos Greek Yogurt. This isn't your typical Greek yogurt; I swear Ellenos is directly from the greek gods. My favorite, Marionberry Pie, was only available in the medium tub (which was massive) but I had hyped up how good it was, and Gina gave in and bought it.

The nice weather and snack lead us down to the waterfront and we dug in to the yogurt on some benches near the The Great Wheel, taking in the beautiful Seattle scenery. This was the perfect day to start off our fun-filled week!