And We're Home Bound

This is the final installment of the Gina & Greta week, combining Thursday and Friday together! Again, I unfortunately had summer school in the morning, but when the afternoon rolled around, we hit the ground running!

It's been quite toasty in Seattle and to cool off we headed down to the Water Activities Center (WAC) for some canoeing. I was melting on the way down and complaining the whole time. When we finally got out on the water, it was much more pleasant.

Canoeing on Union Bay was an experience. Gina and I eventually got the hang of canoeing and were gliding around while also rowing away from boat waves. There were excellent views of Husky Stadium and the construction on 520, plus peaks of the Cascades and happy blue skies.

Still boiling, we craved smoothies. It's the perfect refreshment on a hot day. Thus we found our way to Fremont and wandered around in search of a smoothie shop. Seattle is lacking in this department and we ended up at PCC, purchasing fresh pomegranate-blueberry smoothies which we gladly scarfed down.

Also in Fremont is the Miir Flagship coffee shop, one of my favorite places in all of Seattle. They aim to give back to the global community with the products they sell (bikes, growlers, water bottles, etc.) everything from clean water for a year to a bicycle to travel around on. Everyone is always really friendly there and I appreciate their aesthetic and mission.

We ended up getting another pre-dinner donut which seems to be a trend with me lately...not that I'm complaining. Gina was adventurous and ordered the French Toast donut which is now my new favorite.

She's going to kill me for posting this picture of her devouring the donut (sorry! hehe).

Right next door to Miir is the new Brooks Running Company office and Brooks Trailhead running store. Brooks' slogan is Run Happy and this storefront embodies that.

After strolling around Fremont, we walked up to Wallingford for dinner at TNT Taqueria. I LOVE THIS PLACE. Mexican food is difficult find in Seattle, but this place does it justice. The vibrant facade and chalkboard menus make it an inviting restaurant and the food makes you want to order a second plate. These are Gina's yummy tacos.

I mean when they have hominy sitting out on the counters, you know it's good.

If you go, make sure to try the avocado crema! You won't be disappointed.

It was back to my apartment with full, happy bellies and time for some packing. The next day we went down to SeaTac and went back to Colorado.

Of course a trip to Seattle isn't complete without a picture of the Gina & the whale!