Ice Cream Archives {so far}

In honor of National Ice Cream Day (which was yesterday) I've decided to dig into my archive of ice cream/gelato/frozen dessert photographs. If you were to ask anyone to describe me, they'd probably say she's the queen of brunch or always taking a picture of her ice cream cone.

Over the past year, I've been documenting a majority of my ice cream orders. I used to get my ice cream in a dish, but I switched just because of this project. It all started when I was in Paris last summer and my friend Josh told me that I had to get gelato from this shop near Notre Dame. To prove to him I bought it, I snapped this photo.

Paris // The Seine near Notre Dame {Chocolate Gelato}

It became a thing when I got gelato the next day, and decided to take another picture to chronicle the food I was eating. I mean I was in Paris after all.

Paris // Jardin des Tuileries at the Louvre {Vanilla Gelato}

And Europe is all about the ice cream/gelato scene which I fully embrace. All throughout London I made sure I grabbed a cone every once in a while.

London // The Borough Market {Salted Caramel & Cookies & Cream Gelato}

London // St. Paul's Cathedral {Cookies & Cream Gelato}

The criteria for each photo began to emerge after the first few:

  • ice cream or gelato had to be in a cone
  • the ice cream cone needs to be in focus but the photo must have a scenic background, a background that represents the place I currently was, say a landmark or special scenery

London // Windsor Castle {Toffee Gelato}

London // Tower Bridge {Vanilla with Chocolate Syrup Ice Cream}

[Alec's] Montana // Glacier National Park {Huckleberry Ice Cream}

[Gina's] Colorado // Beaver Creek {Vanilla Ice Cream}

*** Please excuse the technique, she's still in training

Los Angeles // Rodeo Drive {Sprinkles' Salted Caramel Ice Cream}

Seattle // U Village {Molly Moon's Brown Butter Caramel Popcorn Ice Cream}

Washington // Bainbridge Island {Blackberry & Raspberry Ice Cream}

*** Fun Fact: I made Gina (my sister) run down a hill with me while our ice cream was melting, just for this picture. 'Twas worth it. Thanks Dad for the recommendation! You the best!

Seattle // Kerry Park {Molly Moon's Vanilla Bean Ice Cream}

[Sara's] Netherlands // Amsterdam

[Ali's] Taiwan // Taipei

[Emma's] Netherlands // Amsterdam {Vanilla Bean & Pear Gelato}

Seattle // Capitol Hill {Kurt Farm's Lemon & Deep Karamel Ice Cream}

Washington // Spokane {Old Fashioned Vanilla Ice Cream}

Montana // Missoula {Big Dipper's Vanilla with Reese's & Huckleberry Ice Cream}

[Emma's] Netherlands // Amsterdam {Raspberry & Vanilla Ice Cream}

Now whenever I travel, I make sure to find the famous local ice cream parlor in the area and get a scoop. I'll admit, I often go for vanilla (it's reliable and a sign of an excellent business if they take care in making their vanilla). Even a few friends have done it (or I've asked them to haha). It's the perfect balance between travel, food and photography. Although, I've come to realize how ugly hands are…

I'm still trying to come up with a title for this ongoing project, so all ideas are welcome! I'll stick with "gelatoing" for now. But it's some fun food photography and great way to keep track of the all the delicious scoops and wondrous places!