Seattle Summer

When I had decided to attend the University of Washington, I knew that I would want to spend at least one summer in Seattle. Why? Well, a) Summer School! I've never done summer school and I want to stay on track for my major and b) experience Seattle in a different season! Here's the recap!

I enrolled in the second part of the Organic Chemistry Lab series and a Latin & Greek vocabulary class. When I tell people this, the typical response is "Ew". I was very excited for both of these. I enjoyed the last Ochem Lab and I've always wanted to learn Latin and Greek. I know, I'm a nerd.

Aside from studying, in my spare time, I took the opportunity to wander Seattle. The first week of classes were quite eventful because my sister visited! It was a whirlwind adventure week with classes in the morning and entertaining Gina in the afternoons.


You can see more of what we did here, here, here, and here!

I mixed up dates and realized that I'd be missing a few days of class for a trip back to Colorado.


In the end it all worked out! I talked to my professors and caught up on the little material I missed.

One thing I'm really proud I accomplished is posting more frequently to this blog! I would meet up occasionally with my fellow blogger buddies Maddie and Grace. Go check them out! Here we went out for dinner at Oddfellows Cafe, an iconic restaurant. Mac & Cheese for the WIN!


Since I had more downtime with extracurriculars and a full course load minimized, I spent time baking and cooking. My roommate Katie and I would look up recipes and whip up some delicious food. This was one instance where Katie made a tomato pie.


As an avid instagram enthusiast, I discovered the new Chophouse Row in Capitol Hill. Bit of a morbid name, but it's the newest food artisan hub. Things are still being built and Chop Shop was preparing for their soft opening later in the week, but I popped into Kurt Farm Shop for some ice cream.


Later on that week, I spontaneous decided to tag along on a road trip to Missoula, Montana to watch my friend Hunter run his first marathon! Check out the full story here!


Some days were spent studying downtown, away from the madness of the U District. One of my favorite spots was Storyville at Pike Place Market. It's a great escape from all of the tourist and has some of the best service. Plus, I always get a great deal of work done!


Summer is hard to spend time with people because everyone has a completely different schedule. One person that I managed to consistently see was Maddie and we would go to museums, coffee shops, and even try to recreate our London picnic with food from Pike.


With it being summer, the weather was GORGEOUS. If you think it rains all the time in Seattle, kick that idea to the curb. Switch it out for sunny Seattle.


The weather permitted more hiking and outdoorsy stuff. One of my favorite hikes of the summer was the North Cascades with Emily.


Kristi invited me to go with her to a Mariners game. WHAT A VIEW. It was an exciting game but ended with a heart breaking loss.


I became a Share Love Everywhere ambassador, stay tuned for a post explaining what that is!


I also went to the Olympic Scuplture Park as you saw a few weeks ago. This will always be one of my favorite places in Seattle since I first went there with my family on our first trip to the PNW and stumbled upon the park.


Alec and I caught up at Gasworks Park and watched this gorgeous sunset.


Maddie was at it again, and she scored me some tickets to the Seattle Art Fair which was amazing! Lots of exciting up and coming art.


Spontaneous Portage bay brunches. N'uff said. Katie and I deliberated over the menu for quite some time, basically because we couldn't decide between savory and sweet. We ended up going with one of each and splitting.


I also discovered one of my new favorite artists, Martin Creed, at the Henry Art gallery. Go look up his work!


Visiting the Center for Wooden Boats and MOHAI on the first Thursday of the month.


The new cafe, Little Oddfellows, in Elliot Bay Book Company opened up! Nelle and I caught up and checked it out.

Meals at TNT Taqueria. Don't worry I walk there and back.


Last hike of the Seattle summer was with Crystal to Tolmie Peak! What an adventure that was; gravel roads, deceptive trails, and a beautiful view.


Maddie and I checked out the new Mighty-O Donuts shop in Ballard and our treat turned into a photo-op. Typical bloggers. Katie and I also postmated some...they were delicious. Call us lazy or geniuses, I'm going with the latter.


Speaking of sweets...So. Much. Molly Moon's Ice Cream. Shout out to Hunter, the best ice cream scooper out there!

And don't worry mom and dad, there was studying for finals!

Thanks for an amazing summer Seattle!

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