The Windy City // Day 4 & 5

Now although the "Windy City" nickname refers to the political culture of Chicago, it was windy on the fourth day. But I wasn't going to let the weather put a dapper on my last full day.

So, I decided to start the day the only way I know how...What's a better way to start the day than brunch?  As a brunch enthusiast it was vital to get an excellent brunch, and we settled on this place called Toast.

Toast had it all. Massive breakfast burritos, pancakes, omelets, the whole shebang. Seeing as the place is called Toast, I went for the stuffed french toast (it's close enough). Each slice was stuffed with mascarpone, strawberry or Nutella and topped with loads of fresh fruit.

Basically, it was scarfed down.

Then after the amazing brunch, I embarked on my trek down to Museum Campus to go to the Field Museum.


Along the way, I came across the Doughnut Vault which has the cutest little storefront and excellent doughnuts.


I also made a pitstop at the Chicago Public Library which is gorgeous and underrated.


Buckingham Fountain happened to be on the way.


And I finally arrived at the Field Museum. The science nerd in me was thriving. Once again, I went into fully museum mode and ran around.


There was Sue the dinosaur welcoming me to the museum.


Thousands and thousands of bird species functioning somewhere between cool and creepy.


Tons of taxidermy animals in their natural habitats from all around the world. These little guys were adorable.


The whole place reminded me of the Natural History Museum in London (and I might go as far to say that's it better).


I didn't  take too many pictures because I was so engrossed in reading the exhibit information and wandering around. My favorite part was probably the Egyptian area where they had ancient artifacts and a life size replica of a tomb.


On my way back, I attempted to get my ice cream picture. This wasn’t an easy picture to take or eat. The wind was not in my favor. Let's just say that I had some ice cream in my hair and on the ground...


I decided to take the scenic route and walk along Lake Michigan. The trail took me near the edge of the Chicago River...


and to the harbor where boats bobbed on the sunny day.


I took a detour to Navy Pier too. Word of advice: just don't go there. Avoid it. It's a tourist hub. Everything you can do there, you could do at an amusement park anywhere else. Not worth it at all. The only reason I ventured over there was to take a picture of the Ferris wheel. THAT’S it. I have a thing for ferris wheels and had to see this one because they originated in Chicago.


Along the beach, there are some piers that have extended walkways and you get a great view of the city. Excellent way to end the day.


My last day was spent packing and just getting organized for my flight! I went downtown and hopped on the L train to O’Hare International Airport.


One of the cool halls in O’Hare Airport. I hung around and worked on somethings before my flight and I was off to Colorado!


Thanks for the fun times! Chicago was awesome!