Senior Year...Here We Go

Senior year of college started today. It's the last first day of school (for a little bit).

Yeah, yeah, we're super late to the game. It's fine, blame it on the quarter system. Not going to lie, I never thought this day would actually arrive. It still doesn't feel real. Time is moving so fast! This is how I feel:


I'm still planning on a degree in Biology and minoring in Art History, attempting to stay on track and finish on time (fingers crossed). Other than that, I honestly have no idea what I'm doing, and that's OKAY!

Sure, ask me about the future, but I don't have a set plan yet. There are so many opportunities that are coming. I've read many motivational quotes (haha), but your twenties are often considered your selfish years. It's true to some degree. There are very few obligations; it's mainly taking care of yourself. However, you should take time to do what YOU want to do and not what others tell you to. With this in mind, don't take for granted the ones who love you and helped you get to where you are. They're super important too and they care so much and just want the best.


Like I mentioned, I have no idea what I'm doing, and it's taken me three years to accept that notion and be fine with it. Freshman, sophomore, and junior year were all spent planning for the rest of my life when they should been for enjoying the subjects I was learning about and making memories. 

Those three years weren't a complete waste; I'm doing more of what I want do and managing a balance of school and fun. Better late than never! I've come to realize that college has allowed me to cultivate my hobbies and hone in on what I truly enjoy. I make time for blogging, exploring Seattle, trying to new restaurants, painting, photography, hiking and so much more because it makes me happy. I'm also lucky to love the chocolate shop job (it doesn't feel like a job at all) and the Pike Place community. 


This is also the first time in a LONG time that I'm excited for all of my classes. Autumn quarter consists of a botany lab, genome, Italian Renaissance, History of Life and freshman class I'm co-teaching. I get to learn new material and see all of my friends again. 

I have a few options on the horizon, but I'm keeping an open mind and will apply for both science and artsy/creative jobs primarily in Seattle, Denver, Boulder, Los Angeles, and London, among other cities across the U.S. I'm currently exploring the job market and trying to get my act together, so if you have any leads send them my way! (Please please please, I need this lol). 

Aside from an education/career related items, I've never been more sure that I made a great decision to go to the University of Washington. Seattle is my second home. I love this place and its people. I love my friends and the adventures we have. I love walking around our beautiful campus. I love everything and it's weird to think it will be different in a few short months. But, as this chapter comes to a close, a new, exciting chapter is just beginning. 


So here we go. Let's get it senior year.

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