The days keep going quicker and slipping away. Summer how could you do that. I feel like I have to scroll back through my camera roll and rewatch my one second video to remind myself that OH THAT HAPPENED. 


A brief overlook of the month: 

Jumped the gun on something important, modeled for a jewelry photoshoot, wandered Fremont Market, strolled Pioneer Square, spent quality time with Leigha before she went to Africa, went out for our monthly roomdate, hiked, celebrated Soleil’s birthday, failed at trivia, fell in love with Peter Kavinsky from To All the Boys I Loved Before (every gal deserves a boy like that!!!!!!!), got a new job, left my old job, combated the smoke and air quality, bought produce from the Wallingford Farmers Market, went out on a few dates, embarked on the annual day trip, went out for drinks, got drunk, caught up with friends over more drinks, moved up in the world and got business cards for the The Little White Table, made some dope recipes for the LWT, joined a gym, missed home, said a lot more goodbyes, learned my value, gained insight into friendship, tried to be more direct with my emotions (BIG work in progress), was a bad friend, was a good friend, ate some damn good burrata, and celebrated my last day of work with a few really awesome people.

And it all felt kind of anticlimactic. I have this BAD tendency to jump to this idealistic world for how things will go and have yet to figure out it rarely does. Like a “WOW this is going to be a transition” but it just sort of happened, as a fleeting moment, and we were on to the next. 


I think I cried, felt joy, felt complacency, explored Seattle, pushed myself, complained, and laughed the most this month. Honestly, there was just too much smoke. No more fires please. 


The best of August:

F I L M | To All the Boys I Loved Before: as referenced above, loved it. I was a sappy puddle watching this teen rom-com. Trust and believe I watched this by myself on a Friday night swaddled in blankets fawning over this high school love story. TRUST AND BELIEVE. Once again, I have a new impossible standard in boys, nothing new on that front. What is new is the Asian domination in Hollywood. Let’s go female Asian protagonist!!!!! Fangirling aside, it’s actually a really cute movie and makes you laugh and feel good inside. 

M U S I C | Raveena // I have been listening to her nonstop!!!!!!! Her soothing voice fits into any part of your day (except the gym). Start with “Honey and “If Only”. I honestly love to put it on while wash dishes or cook because her music makes it that much more enjoyable. BONUS: Also check out Parisalexa. I had the opportunity to hear some of her music at an outdoor concert series and she’s a local gal well on her way. Listen to “Ballin”. 

F O O D | Raincoast Crisps // It feels SO DUMB to put crackers into this post, but here I am. Soleil’s dad brought these into our lives and we’ve never looked back. There are different kinds that pair so well with all sorts of cheese. Hey, Raincoast, please sponsor me. 

T H O U G H T F U L N E S S | Writing thank you cards // People will always remember a handwritten note and it’s always good to express gratitude even when you don’t think you have any. 

S E A T T L E   S P O T S | I bopped around town a lot. No idea how that happened. Anyway, couldn’t decide on just one spot so here are my top three…

Book Larder: one of those "jaws hit the floor" places. There’s a place that only sells cookbooks?! I fawned over the stacks of books and desperately tried to not purchase something for myself when I was trying to find a gift for Soleil. It’s a must stop if you’re a food fanatic or frolicking Fremont Ave. 

Wallingford Farmers Market: probably one of the most overlooked farmer’s markets of the summer. Maybe that’s because it’s on a Wednesday, but the market is tucked away in a park. The tents are set up in the middle of a grassy knoll and there’s definitely more ready-made foods but still enough produce stands if you need ingredients for the rest of your week. 

Bar Ferdinand: On the back side or middle (who’s to say) of Chophouse Row in Capitol Hill is Bar Ferdinand where Soleil and I celebrated my last day of work the only way we know how. It’s perfect if you’re a wine lover or seeking a nice dining locale any time of the week. The best parts were eating the burrata, savoring the lobster mushrooms, and gawking at the double mother-son date happening at the next table over. 


Deuces August. 

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