Los Angeles // 2014

Nearly every year, we travel to Los Angeles to spend time with family. These are a few photos from our latest 2014....Enjoy! It was around this time where I was starting to dive into the photography world (with my iPhone camera lol). 

UCLA - University of California Los Angeles

This visit to UCLA was pre-Gina attending and even applying. We thought we'd just check it out since we were in the area. I can't speak for Gina, but I don't think she ever really thought she would end up here. I'm happy she did and I think she is too. 


Alfred Coffee

It cracks me up how popular Alfred is nowadays. They've become the quintessential coffee shop for a visit to LA, amassed 80,000+ followers on Instagram, and brought relevance to "But First, Coffee." Uncle Chris mentioned that a new coffee place had opened in the alley and we went over to check it out. The rest, I would say, is history. 

Downtown LA & Grand Central Market

We rarely venture downtown because...

1. It's LA far, aka hella traffic

2. There are some really good parts and some really bad parts

3. We never had a reason to go there

Honestly, what a mistake. There is SO MUCH good food and culture happening down here. Grand Central Market is dope. It has a similar vibe to Pike Place Market which I appreciate. Plus, how adorable is the candy man who smiled for my picture?


Laguna Beach

Laguna is peaceful. The classic beach mentality. It is always good to get away from the hustle and bustle and relax in some sunshine, blue skies and clear water. 

Beverly Hills

I really only associate Beverly Hills with Weezer and those cheesy TMZ tour buses. Not much to see here folks, just a bunch of large houses. 


Santa Monica Pier

Bit touristy for my taste, but I'm not one to argue with a good time. How cool is it that route 66 ends here? Plus, the signature ferris wheel sits right on the water. Xander, Gina and I rode it and not going to lie, the first rotation was scary. We went up at an alarming pace and the seat pods (I don't what to call them) were completely open. I, personally, prefer to be enclosed; it provides a sense of safety. Anyway, we gripped each other and the seat pods. Of course we stopped right at the top, but slowly got used to the feeling and enjoyed the view. 

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

Griffith Observatory

SUCH a rad place. Tucked away in the hills, we weaved up to the observatory to see all of Los Angeles below. 

LA @ Night