Cruising through Capitol Hill

Before the start of Spring Break, I made plans with Maddie and Alec for a Saturday at the Frye Art Museum to see the recently installed Future Ruins. Saturday rolled around and I could not be more excited to hang out with two of my best friends.

We cruised on up to Capitol Hill and debated on grabbing a quick bite to eat. Obviously you choose food in every situation. I've been trying to eat Oddfellows for some time now. The first time they were WAY too busy and second time they were switching to happy hour. This was finally my chance. Of course,  we arrive and there is a 45 minute wait....

The verdict? Wait it out. But what better way to to kill some time than at Elliott Bay Book Company!


We wandered through the aisles and picked out some good reads. Naturally, we ended up in the children's section (they always have the best books haha). After browsing, we headed next door and waited outside in the sun.

The restaurant exudes rustic vibes and old west feels in the historic Oddfellow Building. I was so excited to just be sitting down in the place. Then we perused the menu and I was stumped on what to order. Of course when beignets are on the menu you get them. No questions asked and I later settled on the Benedict. The wait began again, but this time with my expectations set high.

And oh did Oddfellows not disappoint.

The beignets came out of no where and I lost all interest in the conversation we were having.


Deep-fried dough covered in powdered sugar with a side of strawberry jam...what more could you want in life?


After devouring our beignets, we patiently (Maddie and Alec were patient, I kept looking over my shoulder for the waiter with our food) waited for our food. And then it finally arrived in all its glory.


The potatoes taste as good as they look.


That food disappeared pretty quick. With our belly's full, it was time to work it off at the Frye.


First up was Adornment for the Home and Body. Here was the home:


Table setting goals.


And here was the body: (there were beautiful brooches and necklaces in the case)


These brought back memories of the Victoria & Albert Museum (I miss London).


Maddie being all Art Historian on me.


The graphic art came from Pan, a Berlin magazine from 1895 to 1900 and reflects the art being produced at the turn of the century.


Alec admiring the art.


There are three rooms outlined with amazing work. You could get lost in there for hours.


Sneaky photos are my favorite. Also this was candid, Maddie just analyzes art perfectly.


Then we made our way to Future Ruins by Rodrigo Valenzuela, a local Seattle artist. According to the Frye, this is Valenzuela's "response to the recent transformation of Seattle as the city assumes its destiny as a capital of global wealth and philanthropy" and focuses on the idea of the 13th man, the people who clean up after the 12th man is long gone.


WHOA. First thing I thought when I set foot into this room.


“The aesthetic of ruins without the social or economic failures that accompany them” -Valuenzuela (via the Frye)


Construction site or art gallery?   -Maddie


The Frye is always just a great getaway. To treat ourselves after a successful art outing, we took a detour to Hello Robin.


They specialize in cookies, but have partnered with little, local ice creamery called Molly Moon's (maybe you've heard of them) and make ice cream sandwiches!


There's a cookie called the Mackles'more. How very Seattle.


A typical shot by me.


I settled on vanilla ice cream (do not judge, seriously, I get so much flack already) and the Can't Decide cookie (also do not judge) which is half peppermint-chocolate and half chocolate chip.


The perfect way to end the day.


Good friends, good food, good art, good ice cream....what more you need!