Sunday Funday

Now that Winter Quarter is officially over and Spring Break was in full swing, I decided to make the most of my Sunday by catching up with friends. Winter Quarter has been fun, but it's time to move onto spring.

I kicked off the morning by meeting up with Maddie for brunch in Ballard. This one is not a morning person, but she was a trooper and sucked it up for me. So shout out to Maddie for waking up early for brunch at 9 am (some people still consider this breakfast, in my book it's definitely brunch).

We settled on a little cafe called Fresh Flours and hopped in line to order our food.


And once again, I really couldn't decide what to get since I wanted one of everything.


Although I knew that Maddie and I were going to get macarons, like that was even a question.


While we waited for our mochas, we snagged a table and admired the brick walls and artwork.


Macarons are SO GOOD...


....and VERY photogenic.


After some chatting and laughing we hit the street for the weekly Ballard Farmer's Market.


This is hands down the best market in Seattle; so many local food vendors and artisans stretching down Ballard Ave.


The flowers are starting to appear in full force, not that that's a bad thing.


After browsing the tents, Maddie showed me all of the cool local stores also on the street. My favorite was Lucca. This might sound weird, but it was sort of a cross between Parisian sophistication and the outdoors/nature.


I was considering buying a compass...


And I'm definitely going back for these patches. I want to purchase them after I've gone hiking there!


I also need to purchase a VW bus....don't know when that will happen.


We did some more wandering around Ballard until Maddie had to babysit and I left to meet up with Hunter for some more exploration.

At the top of our list was the Sock Monster in Wallingford. We were planning on getting matching avocado socks, but they were unfortunately out of stock. Instead, I opted for a pair of cacti socks and these corgi ones.


There were so many to choose from!


After our walk around Wallingford, we jumped on the bus to Capitol Hill and wandered a bit. It was late in the afternoon and a lot of restaurants were transitioning to happy hour or closing for the we went up and down the streets of Cap Hill until we stumbled upon Poquitos. They kindly seated us and let us still order brunch.

The interior was beautiful with dark wood seats and booths, blue and white tiles, and iron chandeliers, plus a separate bar area.


Hunter and I both ordered the Huevos Rancheros with both green and red sauce. The flavors were all there and it was an excellent meal! The eggs were fried to perfection, just runny enough to mix with the sauces, and perched on two crunch tortillas. The sauces were spicy punches (or maybe Hunter and I have low spice's probably that) and we drank the whole water pitcher. It was worth having our tongues and mouth on fire.


To cool our mouths off, we walked up the street to Bluebird Ice Cream. Hunter and I were overwhelmed by the amount of flavors and sampled five each. The scooper was starting to laugh at us a bit and probably thought we were crazy. We both opted for a scoop of snickerdoodle and vanilla bean in a waffle cone. Bluebird is slightly on the pricier side for ice cream, but they are giving Molly Moon's a run for their money.

As we ate our ice cream, we stopped into Totokaelo, an expensive, high fashion retailer. Everything was beautiful, especially ALL of these shoes.


Once we accepted the fact that we wouldn't be able to  purchase ANYTHING in that store anytime soon, we went next door to Elliot Bay Book Company and spent an hour finding books to read over break.

Overall it was a fun filled Sunday spent roaming Seattle but with great company!