2017 Goals

2016 was pretty rad. As far as completing my goals...yeah those definitely didn't happen (which is totally fine!!).

Quick recap: 2016 Goals

Sleep for 8 hours a night // This was in constant flux. It depended on what week it was in the quarter (midterms took their toll) for the number of hours I got. Overall, yeah noooooope. I did consistently get about 7 hours, but typing that out I'm realizing how poor it is for my health...

Drink the recommend daily amount of water // I improved my daily intake of water, but not quite the daily recommended amount. It just got too tedious to count how many glasses. 

Run a half marathon // Completely dropped the ball on this one. I should have signed up for one and forced myself to run one. 

Pick a new major // YA GURL DID IT. AND SHE'S ON TRACK TO GRADUATE. This was huge for me and furthering my education. It thankfully all worked out. 

Find a mentor // I gave up on this one. Seeking out a mentor is a horrible way to approach attaining one. The best mentors are the ones who gradually make an impact on your life and you build your connection. I think heightening my awareness of role models is a better way to think about it. 

Travel to two new places in the world // I traveled a BUNCH. It wasn't necessarily to new locations (I had this crazy idea to find a cheap flight to a random country...) but getting to know areas better and rediscover them. I flew back from the Philippines, traveled to Portland, Los Angeles, Utah, Colorado, Vancouver, Las Vegas, Portland/Oregon Coast, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, Spokane Road Trip, Vancouver, Vancouver (keep in mind these were all for about 24 hours), Colorado, Portland, Los Angeles. I was always bouncing around and I'm so thankful for the opportunity to explore. 

Avoid using my phone at the table // This was too hard to measure. I started reading a book or watching part of a television show (slightly better than the phone). In retrospect, it's not a huge deal to me. I can say I did not use it when dining with family or friends which is fine by me and win in my book. 

Keep a monthly budget // I'm really bad about my finances. It's not that I'm spending everything in my bank account, rather that I don't know my balances and how much I spend month to month. I tried to monitor it towards the beginning, and tapered off significantly. 

Post weekly on the blog // I think this was my favorite goal mostly because it was a challenge. I would count my posts and see how many more I needed to write. I believe I'm 48/52 which is AMAZING. For the future, I don't believe I do a strict numerical goal, but who knows. 

Learn how to make lumpia and other traditional Filipino and Italian dishes // Yeah.....I made pasta sauce once and ate lumpia. That was the extent of it. My problem was not making time for it. I also think I need to have my grandmothers with me because it makes it more personal instead of me looking at a recipe online. 

There's that. The biggest difficulty with completing these was the fact that there were so many to keep track of. I had to simultaneously focus on them all at once. I'll get to a place where I'm able to do each of these things with flying colors, but for now that place is in the future. In order to get good, I need to dedicate quality and time. And with that, here are my goals for 2017!

8 hours of sleep // this goal is super duper important to me. In order to properly function, I need sleep (oddly enough I do decently with little sleep, but no bueno) 

Minimize // when I was moving (twice) last year, I was forced to confront how much crap I have. Getting rid of the unnecessary items and clothes will simplify my life and give me some peace of mind.

Quality content for this blog // it's not that I don't think the previous posts are not up to par, but I think I could spend more developing my stories and editing my pictures, rather than throwing up something to make my quota for the week. I also have other ideas for features which I'm stoked about.

Monthly budgets // I'm serious about this one. If there is one habit I should establish early on is a reasonable knowledge of finances. 

Explore career options // This goal is super vague. At this moment in time, I have no clue what I want to do with my life. There are 40 year olds still trying to figure out this age old question. With millennials, there is an added pressure to graduate college and immediately have a job lined up (which is great and I'd love that, but I'm not quite sure how feasible it is for me right now). Rather than making it a goal to get a job/career (regardless I know I will have to, making it the main goal will probably transform into finding the perfect job and then I won't get a job sort of thing). I think I want to take time to develop my resume, utilize the career center, shadow all sorts of jobs and narrow down careers I see myself doing. Help is appreciated here. :)

Attend a music festival // I don't know!! I needed a fun goal and I've never been to a festival! It also requires me to save money...

And that's that. Here's to 2017!

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