We Launched a Food Blog!

A few months ago when Soleil and I had moved in together, we talked about our dreams and aspirations late into the evening hours. Often, these goals revolved around food, how one day we’d write a cookbook. Our excitement lead us to join forces and upon further investigation, decide to start a food blog rather than jump head first into writing a whole book. 

We’re basically the same person which is the funniest part. Our friendship began fall quarter freshman year in our introductory math class. Throughout college, we were in and out of each others lives, but always maintained contact. As we became closer, we realized how similar we were in mannerisms, personalities, and mentalities. After graduating college, we were both looking for housing and the funny thing about fate is that it just worked out. With Soleil’s fine restaurant dining experience and my Pike Place Market job, labeling us at foodies is an understatement. WE LOVE FOOD. 


The blog just made way too much sense. We had a similar vision for the blog; focus on seasonal, healthy foods and develop recipes that just taste good, as well as a clean, white aesthetic. We contemplated titles for a while. This included everything from silly alliterations to the ridiculous ramblings. Before our eyes both fell on our little white table where we planned to take all of our pictures and then it clicked. The Little White Table was born. 

We’re just two gals having fun with food. Join us on the journey! Follow us at thelittlewhitetable.com and @thelittlewhitetable on instagram!

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