Galentine's Day

I’ve been feeling some sort of way. Bit of a funk. No, more like feeling stuck. We’re out here in the world, trying to make it on our own. 

 One thing that was going well was the anticipation of Galentine’s Day. We hosted Galentine’s Day the other evening and let me tell you it was FUN. 

cute friends gals.jpg

Recently, the holiday, officially celebrated February 13th, has made it’s way in pop culture thanks to Leslie Knope, the hyper active, overly eager political character from the television show Parks and Recreation. Leslie is all about the ladies in her life. Celebrating every accomplishment, feature, tiny win her gals’ lives. 

Inspired by her, we threw together our own little shindig. The party was equipped with a waffle bar, raffle, red wine and rosé, tampons, chocolate fondue, and of course our closest gals. We went all out on the heart decor and playlists - there were many nights where Soleil and I stayed up to 1 am just decorating because we were so in the zone. 

Ladies supporting ladies. 


Regardless of who came or how many people came, we knew it would be fun and probably turn into us just having a dance party in our living room. Lucky for us, a lot of our favorite people were able to make it out. The waffles and bacon were gone in an instant, our photo booth awarded us with hilarious photos, and we all got to catch up with each other.


Friends from different parts of my life were mingling with one another. Gals were catching up with each other because they’ve been busy chasing their goals. Guys are fine, but it felt great to just have girls hanging out together. 

It was a great reminder of how important these girls are in my life. You all inspire me to be the best version of myself. To my roommates, Soleil and Leigha, thanks for making home feel like home. To my best friend, Lauren, thanks for helping with the decorating for the party and just being there for me for seventeen years (Cristin you too!). To my gals that I met through work, college, high school that I reconnected with (lol let’s face it, who is actually friends with people from high school), randomly through instagram and blogging, you all add joy and vibrancy to my life.

roommate gals.jpg

It was the perfect reminder that I don’t have to be stuck and I have ladies supporting me whatever I do. Thank you to the gals.  

Fries before Guys.

Ovaries before Brovaries. 

Uteruses before Duderuses. 



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