The Brunch Guide // 3

It's time for some more food!! There are so many awesome places around Seattle serving up stellar brunch. I guess I need to throw out a few more brunch guides to keep up with all the new restaurants! Here are some old favorites! Also, all of the websites are linked, so you can make your next brunch reservation. 

The Wandering Goose // Capitol Hill


Up in Capitol Hill off of 15th Ave, the Wandering Goose serves up some of the best biscuit sandwiches and southern food in Seattle. The quaint restaurant has a cozy ambience; it's like walking into Grandma's hip kitchen with a chalkboard menu and buttercup-yellow walls. Not to mention, the tables are engraved with quotes for daily inspiration. Their homestyle food is sure to brighten any gray Seattle day. My favorite is the veggie hash topped with poached eggs. Also, shoutout to Crystal who was the first one to go here with me. She was complaining she never makes the blog (here ya go kid, you happy?)

Stoneburner // Ballard


Tucked away in the older (cuter!) part of Ballard, Stoneburner doesn't necessarily seem like your typical brunch joint, and you'd be absolutely wrong. I went here with Allison Wagner's Seattle Creative Brunch to connect with local creators in the Seattle community! This swanky space is serving up brunch classics like avocado toast along with mediterranean and pacific northwest influences. It feels like you're stepping back in time with the ornate chandeliers, marble countertops, dark wood, and wall of wine. Stoneburner is the perfect place for meeting up for a meal before you wander the Farmer's Market!

Morsel // U District


Morsel is a U District staple solely because it is one of the few breakfast/brunch places in the area. Regardless, the biscuits they serve up are the reason they stay in business. Going with the grungy style, the place is simple yet delicious. Order a predetermined sammie like Fast Break or create your own! Two words: bacon jam, you can't go wrong. Be sure to kick your morning off early, otherwise you'll be waiting in the line trailing out the door!

Terra Plata // Capitol Hill


Nestled on the corner of Pike and Pine, right by the posh Melrose Market and Starbucks Roastery & Reserve, Terra Plata is the trendiest place for your next brunch. I particularly love their wood and brick interior with the bar at the back. But don't be distracted by the space, keep your eye on the prize and snag a spot on their rooftop for the summertime! The restaurant aside, the food is incredible! I love to go for the Braised Pork or Three Egg Scramble, but definitely load up on appetizers like the Cinnamon Roll and Garlic-Roasted Potatoes. You won't regret it!

Local 360 // Belltown


Recently, I've been finding more restaurants in the Belltown neighborhood. I feel like it has a poor reputation, but you can find some real gems like Local 360. Being so close to the main downtown area, the location is a pleasant, short walk away. Better yet, they only source ingredients within 360 miles of Seattle (hence the name). The cute interior is flourishing with flowers and chalkboard menus which is why I took mom her for a nice Mother's Day brunch. Start your meal off with an Old Fashioned Donut and opt for a Buttermilk Biscuit or Classic Eggs Benedict for your main. 

Next up on my list is Tilth, Joule, Burgundian, Americana, and Thackeray! Join me the next time you're craving some brunch!